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Tractors Parked in the Crop Field

GO Davies (Westbury) Ltd offer a full range of fertiliser products which our on farm traders can use their FACTS (Fertiliser Advisers Certification & Training Scheme) to fit a programme to work on your farm.

Please contact Edward in the Fertiliser Department who will be happy to discuss and advise on the best products and systems for your crops.

Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme
Straight Fertiliser
Straight Fertiliser

With straights becoming increasingly popular, our fertiliser department are constantly in touch with any movement in price and are able to give up to date information in spot and future pricing.

GO Davies (Westbury) Ltd - Straight Fertiliser
Yara Compound
Yara Compound 

GO Davies (Westbury) Ltd are proud of their strong partnership with Yara, enabling us to supply the very best fertilisers: - Yara Prilled Nitrogen 34.5%, Extran 33.5% nitrogen, sulphur grades, urea and compounds.

"Yara Extran is the best AN product I have ever spread. I'd be happy to spread it in a hurricane"

Robert Hemming Arable and Poultry Farmer, Shrewsbury.

GO Davies (Westbury) Ltd | Yara Compound
blended fertiliser
Blended Fertiliser

The fertiliser department are able to source high quality blends from many UK manufacturers including NPK and PK mixes that can be tailor made to match soil analysis. 

Our close relationship with our suppliers enables us to be in constant touch with the fertiliser markets which assists in managing risks and volatility.

Speciaity Grades
Specialty Grades

With a young team coming through at G.O.Davies we understand the need to keep up with new concepts and technologies. This is why we are proud to offer a wide range of speciality grades including:


  • Avail dressings

  • Bio Stimulants

  • Foliar Feeds

  • Protected Urea

    • Straight​

    • Urea Sulphur

    • Urea blend with P and K

GO Davies (Westbury) Ltd | GAFSA
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