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Mike Stirk has over forty years experience in giving advice to farmers and game shoots on the planting nutrition and management of game and wildlife conservation crops. This can enhance the value of the game shoots and correspondingly the wildlife habitat game crops create.

Mike also  is familiar with a lot of the various environmental  and Countryside Stewardship Schemes and can advise on this subject.

He was a founder member  and examiner of the  Basis  Training Scheme and still holds a general certificate to give advice on correct usage of pesticides on these conservation crops.

Mike has a wide knowledge and experience in Game Feeds  and is able to advise on pheasant and partridge rearing and nutrition together with the management and feeding regimes.


Mike is ably assisted on the Game side by Owain Roberts, who on his year out from university spent a year at the West London Shooting school, so is well versed in not only gamecrops and feeds but also in guns and cartridges.

We also supply a large range of game feeds which are produced for us by Massey Bros. Please contact us for details.